Consultancy services to the construction, engineering and renewables industries

With over 25 years of experience we provide commercial support and dispute resolution services to the sector. To understand more about what we do and how we can assist you to manage risk, resolve problems and address disputes have a look at what our customers say and the content on this website.

Testimonial from commercial director electrical contractor:

“As a company we rarely have disputes or need to engage lawyers, so when we were faced with a serious challenge from a major contractor simply refusing to honour its contracts we needed to move quickly to protect our position and recover our entitlements. From our previous experience of NEC training with Tim Willis we approached Willis Consultancy. Willis Consultancy provided an in-house style of resource giving us the expertise at our fingertips to plan our response to the challenge and to put it into effect. Having set out our plan to address the issues across a number of contracts we successfully conducted a series of adjudications to recover monies owed to us and to defeat unmerited counterclaims. We conducted the adjudications as a company with the expertise and support of Willis Consultancy in-house. We successfully defeated major city law firms engaged by the contractor to act for it. Having ownership of the dispute and the agility of an in house structure made us confident that we could win and assured us that in future we can deal with such challenges if they arise again. The in-house model was a great solution providing great results at lower cost. I would certainly recommend it, and recommend using Willis Consultancy to anyone faced with the challenge of dealing with disputes”.